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When To Call An Exterminator For Rodents

Whether you’re based at the best the most upscale neighborhood, in an industrial area or on a busy street downtown, then please remember that rodents on your premises are nothing to be ashamed of.

There are several signs which may lead you to think that you have rodents in your home or business but pest control experts will need to know which rodent they are dealing with.

Some of the signs a pest professional will look for to identify the type of rodent your dealing with are:

Rodent Paw Prints

Far be it for any rat control specialist to cast aspersions, if you have dusty corners then these are useful. Tail and paw marks left in dust will offer vital clues.

  • What size are the prints?
  • Have you got a rat or a mouse with large feet?
  • Is the body shape stocky or lithe?
  • Is there a hole or entry/exit point close to the dusty position?
  • Is this dusty area home to food crumbs or nest building materials?

Not only will they leave dust signals but there’s a high probability that they’ll leave smudges or mark glass and so the grease and dirt on their fur can give them away.

Again, size and shape of the smudge should be a helpful indicator of whether your home or business is dealing with mice or rats.

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Rat Droppings

Rats and mice have distinctive emissions which can tell experts a lot about which pest you are host to. Yes, just describing droppings to a rat control professional can speak volumes.

Are there scratching noises from above? Rats like to climb, particularly the Black Rat who is also known as the Roof Rat and they prefer roof and loft spaces for their nests. If you have a false ceiling they’ll nest there too.

They cheekily take advantage of loft insulation for their nest building and enjoy being undisturbed.
They may also run around in the cavity walls. Mice tend to make their homes in lower locations.
Another audible sign is found in teeth grinding. Brown rats tend to grind their teeth more.
Rats nesting area holes often have burrows behind them. Brown Rats are great burrowers; these rats are also called Fancy Rats.

You may notice decking being gnawed at, if so then it’s well worth checking because you have rat lodgers under your decking. The wood makes an excellent nesting material. Both black and brown rats are intelligent and organized creatures so they, like humans, have specific areas for certain tasks.

If you think you might be dealing with mice or rats in your building, take control right away and call a professorial rodent exterminator. Rodents multiply very quickly so a small problem that isn’t addressed can become a full blown infestation in no time at all.

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