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Why Control Rodents at Home

Rats that try to seek shelter usually enter your home. Because of their small size and quick-witted nature, they can without any difficulty locate even the smallest hole and enter through isolated places of your home, like attic or walls. With the increasing population of the vast, semi-aquatic river rats, also known as nutria rats, the houses in and around the area are suffering a lot by the damage and the inconvenience caused by these pests.

Damages Caused By Rats

Rats and mice usually cause structural damages to your homes, offices, apartments and any building by troubling you in various ways, nest-building, and defecation. They can chew on anything, be it paper, wood, cloth, books, etc. that they find useful to build their nest. They try to make a burrow in your car seats, upholstered furniture either to hide or build a comfortable home. Even though insulation is not safe for them, the rats make tunnel inside the walls into the attics or insulation to make their home or collect some soft material. They tend to chew on the insulated wires which can cause an outbreak of fire. Sometimes you will even find them making nests inside big sized electrical appliances by chewing the insulation wires. This can cause the appliance to malfunction or create a short circuit. They won’t have mercy on any items of yours if it is chew able and stored in any corner of your closet, attic, garage or basement. Even if they are your valuable paintings, essential documents, unique family valuables the rats won’t spare them. Learn how to keep rodents away from your home.

In this process of hunting for water, food and nesting material these rats leave behind fecal droppings and traces of urine all over your house. This, in turn, contaminates the food items that are left open and can lead to the spread of various diseases. They also leave behind a trail of scent for the other rats to follow. This is one of the prime reasons why you should opt for the treatment from a rat exterminator that will professionally deal with the situation.

Why Rodent Control

Rats can cause a health risk to your family. Being carriers of different diseases, they usually transfer these infections through their urine and feces or directly contaminate the stored food. Also, fleas that have bitten the infected rat can transmit diseases to any of the members of your family or your pet. You should, therefore, hire professional exterminators who take the responsibility to remove every rat at your place. Not only this, but they also ensure that the environment does not attract the rats in the future.

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