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Using Trapping and Release for Rodent Control in Your Home

When it comes to rodent control, you may want to do it the humane way. But a common question is that when you use a humane trap and release the rodent, can return. To put it simply, yes they can. The main issue with using humane traps is what to do with the rodent once you’ve trapped it.

If you are providing food and shelter to a rodent, they will return there unless they can find a better alternative. To be sure you’re rodent isn’t going to return you have to take them at least a few miles away. Otherwise you run the risk of them finding their way back and re-infesting your property.

To do effective rodent control, you need to prevent them from getting into your property in the first place. Seal up any means of entry into your property, and also eliminate food sources so your home becomes more undesirable. Some rodents have been known to travel over 2 miles to get back to a property, so you really do have to dispose of them quite a distance away.

Many people have a problem with squirrels, and they are probably the biggest problem to get rid of if you are trapping them humanely. But even if you could release them, more often than not they would return to your property if it made a great nesting spot for them. The only way to deal with a squirrel problem is to call in a professional pest control company.

If you don’t do humane trapping properly it can actually end up being cruel to the animal. Trapped rodents become very stressed very quickly. When attempting to trap any rodents on your property, make sure you keep checking the trap every few hours. If you’ve placed a trap outdoors, a rodent can suffer from shock, dehydration or hyperthermia very quickly. Humane traps take quite a lot of monitoring, but if done correctly they can end up being effective if you just have one or two rodents you need to deal with.

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