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Using Chemical-Free Pest Control Solutions

The Global Science Center is developing new pest control solutions based on organic compounds that can repel or destroy a pest. For example, one solution they are developing right now is to use fungal spores. These will attach to the outer surface of the body of cockroaches. The spores will germinate, cross the outer shell to reach the body cavity of the insect, multiply and kill it.

Solutions such as these have no impact on mammals and require only a small volume. In addition, parasites can not resist spores, unlike chemicals. This means that we are able to move closer to the global resolution of a long-standing problem without the insects being able to adapt to the products and transmitting its resistant genes to their future offspring.

It is clear that the number of innovative, chemical-free pest control solutions developed to date combine a higher level of efficiency with a reduced impact on the environment.

The future of non-toxic pest control innovations

A word about the future. What would happen if humans could communicate with pests like mice instead of monitoring them? This is an experiment we are experiencing using ultrasonic technology. This is an idea born of the frustration that current methods of monitoring mice (eg, connected traps or fluorescent gels) only capture activity when the mouse interacts with and activates the solution. If the mouse is just nearby, no activity will be recorded.

Experts are developing a solution capable of listening to the mice by capturing the high frequencies they emit and which are above the limit audible by humans. As we continue to develop and analyze the potential of this innovative solution, we will also explore the possibility of sending messages to mice away from the site.

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Communicating with mice may seem like science fiction at the moment. But how often has science fiction today become the norm of tomorrow? What we can be sure of is that the need and demand for non-toxic pest control will continue to grow, driven inexorably by growing consumer demand and regulatory change.

They can also be confident that our innovation department will help to respond effectively to these demands with safer and more environmentally friendly solutions for pest control.

Pests nestle everywhere, not only on plants and soils, but also in some areas of the home such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. To avoid being infested, it is advisable to carry out natural anti-parasite treatments for proper cleaning and sanitizing of the environments.

Protect your home

To protect your home it is not necessary to resort to chemical pesticides, in fact it is enough to use effective natural techniques that at the same time preserve and protect the surrounding environment.

Nature itself helps us eliminate pests by providing us with everything we need, just repeating these treatments periodically and following some simple rules, so that we never have to go through intensive disinfection again.

To quickly remove any insect from the ground that can damage the turf or the vegetable garden, you can use a natural insecticide that can be purchased in a specialized shop or prepared at home.

If, on the other hand, you have noticed the presence of moths, mites and ants inside your home it will be advisable to perform a thorough cleaning of the rooms, using pest control products prepared at home with some natural ingredients.

Natural insecticide against garden pests

To prevent or completely eliminate the parasites from the soil it is sufficient to sprinkle a natural anti-parasitic powder, commonly called diatomaceous earth.

This substance is extracted from the fossil residues of micro salt water algae and is characterized by an appearance similar to a powder to be mixed with soil, indicated for the elimination of small insects and parasites, such as ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, mites and aphids.

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