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Tips to Drive Away Wasps

Like many other stinging insects, wasps can be an especially bothersome pest, and the easy access to trees, soil and building crevices in backyards may draw them near to your residence. But wasps aren’t all negative. One of the main differences between bees and wasps is that bees feed their larvae plant pollen, while wasps– a category that includes yellow jackets and hornets– feed bugs to theirs. That means that wasps are actually useful for your yard since they control numerous other kinds of pests. According to National Geographic, some farmers even utilize wasps to protect plants from other insects. And wasps also pollinate plants, just not to the same extent as.

Despite all the advantages wasps can have for your yard, wasps can still be more than an annoyance– they can sting and even cause an allergic reaction. Before they build a nest under your porch, on your roofing system, or even inside your residence, it’s time to do something about it. Give one of these three solutions a shot to keep them controlled:

Try Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil may work at repelling wasps, according to a study from the Journal of Pest Management Science. You can try mixing several drops with water and dish soap in a spray container and using the spray over areas on the outside of your home where wasps like to build nests: under eaves, patio roofs, and various other ledges and crevices. You can also buy mint oil-based wasp and hornet sprays to target established nests.

Use A Wasp Trap

Wasp traps consist of a bait, such as sugar water, to lure the pests inside a container without any escape. You can make one yourself in approximately five minutes by cutting the top off a two-liter bottle and inverting it inside the bottom, or cutting a little hole in the top.

If you ‘d prefer something more heavy-duty, you can also purchase a trap online. Traps most likely will not totally resolve your problem because you might only be capturing wasps passing through your backyard, rather than the ones really building a nest around your residence. If you use a trap, you will need to locate the nest and put the trap close to its entry so as to get to the root of the infestation.

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Repair Any Fractures or Cracks

If you want to stop wasps from making their way into your home, the first step is to block any potential points of entry. We advise sealing up tiny cracks– like those around the edges of home siding and where power lines enter your house– and patching up any splits in window screens. Nevertheless, if you find wasps already inside your residence, do not try to seal the nest in the wall. Wasps have actually been known to find their way out of structures through vents or even by chewing through drywall.

Although there are ways for you to try to repel wasps, we do not encourage attempting to eliminate stinging insects by yourself, as it can be very dangerous, particularly if you’re allergic. Employing a pest control company is the best way to handle any pest problem, particularly a dangerous one like stinging bugs. We use the latest and greatest technology to make sure our services are effective and time efficient. We will identify your pest problem and treat it in the most humane and appropriate way.

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Wasp Nest Removal: Commonly Asked Questions

We all love nature in small doses, but nobody wants to deal with a wasp nest near their home or office. If you have a wasp nest that needs removal, then you need to work with a professional wasp nest removal expert. With the guidance of a professional exterminator, you can once again make your home or office a safe place for you, your staff, and your family.

If you have a wasp nest that you’re dealing with, you probably have some questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about wasp nest removal and some guidance from professional wasp nest removal experts.

Are Wasp Stings Dangerous?

There is a reason that so many people are afraid of wasps. Wasps can be dangerous, especially when they are gathered in large groups. A single wasp or two is not necessarily mortally dangerous, but a well-placed sting can cause major health problems. A sting that is located near an airway or on a person that is allergic to stings could easily cause that individual to go into shock or have problems breathing.

You should avoid putting yourself into situations with hundreds of wasps because it could quickly turn into a dangerous journey. If you notice a lot of wasps, you should get in touch with a professional that specializes in wasp nest removal.

What Are Some Common Locations for Wasp Nests?

Wasps love privacy and they love safe locations. For that reason, they typically will form nests under the overhang of buildings. They like to find the space between a building and its roof. This is a common spot for wasps nests. If you have any large holes in your building that could be exploited by wasps, you should be sure to close them up, else you might find yourself seeking professional wasp nest removal soon.

Should I Attempt to Remove a Wasp Nest Myself?

When people first find a wasp nest on their property, oftentimes their first reaction is to try and remove it themselves. However, this is not always the best course of action. Wasp nests are not so easy to remove, and often create a dangerous situation for those that try to do so. Though it may be tempting to try and save money by avoiding a professional wasp nest removal service, it is well worth the investment.

If you handle the nest the wrong way or the wasps become aggressive, it could easily become a deadly situation. A single wasp sting on its own is not usually a big deal, but many wasp stings at once could prove fatal when they occur in a vulnerable location. You should contact a wasp nest removal if you want to remove the nest on your property safely. 

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What Do Wasp Nests Look Like?

If you are not sure whether you are dealing with a wasp nest or not, you might be curious as to what wasp nests look like. Wasp nests are pretty easy to identify, but the problem is that the nests are often hidden out of sight and within the gaps of a building. Still, if you are able to see the nest, it would look gray and have a sort of swirly appearance. They often have a hole at the center of the bottom of the nest. If you don’t know whether you are dealing with a wasp nest, it may be best for you to get in touch with someone that offers professional wasp nest removal so that they can accurately identify it and remove it safely.

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Top 3 Wasp Nest Removal Tips

Now First things first, one thing that we really want to preface is that removing a wasp nest or getting rid of wasp on your own is something that we really don’t recommend.

Wasps are very dangerous, they’re aggressive, they can attack in swarms and sting in numbers, and it can be very painful. And if you do also happen to be allergic, it could sometimes be deadly in those cases. So as a foundation, we really recommend reaching out to a pest control service to have them remove a wasp nest.

That said if you are going to tackle it on your own, there are three different tips you can use to get rid of wasp nests more effectively and more safely around your home.

First Step For Wasp Nest Removal

Step 1: The first thing that you want to do is plan on having an escape route in advance. So as we mentioned before, wasps can be very aggressive and they’re going to attack in numbers. They are going to attack not just as an individual, but as a group and as a swarm. Each nest could have hundreds of wasps potentially in there. So one angry wasp could turn into hundreds very quickly. The stings from wasp can be very painful and especially when you have many stings.

Individuals who are allergic can face an even greater risk as these stings can be dangerous or even deadly for those with an allergy. So again, having that escape route in advance when you try and take down that wasp nest is very important. Know which way your going if you need to make a run for it.

Step Two: Wasp Nest Removal

Step 2: Now the second tip that you want to keep in mind is having the right protective gear. Given that stings are painful and can be dangerous as these are very aggressive pests, make sure you are properly clothed when removing a wasp nest.

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Typically you’re going to be trying to remove a wasp nest in later spring or summer fall months, because that’s when they’re most active, that’s when they’re building their nests. So that’s when you’re probably gonna have issues with them. This is typically those warmer months where you most likely are running around in a t-shirt and shorts. But that’s not what you want to wear when you’re trying to take out a wasp nest and remove that around your home.

So like I said, wasp beings very dangerous, very aggressive, past. And so you want to be properly clothed when removing a wasp nest, you know, typically you’re going to be trying to remove wasp nest in later spring, summer fall months, because that’s when they’re most active, that’s when they’re building their nests. So that’s when you’re probably gonna have issues with them.

So typically, those are warmer temperatures. So you might normally be walking around in a t-shirt and shorts. But that’s not what you want to wear when you’re trying to take out a wasp nest and remove that around your home. Make sure that you have long pants preferrably jeans, or some type of thicker pant. You’ll also want to wear boots and tuck the jeans into the boots. Wear long sleeve clothing and heavy gloves. Again make sure you tuck the shirt into the gloves. A hooded sweatshirt is a good idea so you can protect your head. Protect your face and neck as well. A face mask, scarf and safety googles will help. Cinch the hood tightly over the facemask and googles. The most important thing is to try and prevent wasps from getting under your clothing where they can sting you over and over again.

Don't Try This At Home!!

Remember wasps are aggressive and even more so when you’re attempting to remove their nest. Now wearing all this protective covering isn’t a guarantee that they can’t get through your clothing and sting you. Even if you’re wearing thicker layers as protective gear, it still can be very dangerous, removing wasps and trying to get rid of that wasp nest. So making sure that you have the proper protective gear, ideally, if you have a bee suit, that would be the most ideal situation. But definitely wearing thicker, longer clothing, gloves, boots, protective gear overall is going to be your best bet.

Again, this is another reason why we recommend reaching out to a pest control service to remove wasps versus trying to do it on your own. Because a Pest Control service is going to have the proper tools, the proper safety gear, the proper equipment and experience with angry and aggressive wasps.

Third Step of Wasp Nest Removal

Step 3: Treat the wasps with a pest control product before you begin the removal process. Sometimes what people try and do is just go directly for getting rid of the nest immediately and the wasps are highly active. They’re aggressive. They’re angry, right? They’re high in numbers. They can be very dangerous attacking in groups and stinging you. This can be potentially deadly if you happen to be allergic. So, you want to treat the nest first, with a pest control product to either stun the wasps, kill the wasps in advance, or at least a large number of them before attempting to remove that nest.

When you are attempting to remove that nest, we recommend trying to do that in the later evening or very early morning, when you can catch a lot of the wasp either sleeping, or not as active and aggressive. It’s better to deal with removing a wasp nest during those times versus just jumping in right in the middle of the day, when they’re at their peak activity levels.

This is yet another reason why we really recommend reaching out to a pest control service, they’re going to have the most effective products and the right protective gear, the training and the knowledge. There is also the safety factor. Giving this dangerous job to the professionals is the safest approach.

But again, if you are going to attempt it on your own, make sure you have an escape plan in place, you have proper protective gear, and you use some type of treatment first, and then try and take those wasps out either early morning or in the night when they’re less active.

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The Strangest Places You Might Find Wasps Nests

Wasps will pretty much build their nests anywhere they can feel safe. Normal places you will find a wasps nest is bushes, lofts, sheds and guttering. Whenever you encounter a wasp nest, you should always call in a professional pest control exterminator to come and get rid of it.

Some of the places wasps nests have been found over the years have been pretty amazing. The strangest locations wasp nests have reportedly been found are:

  • In a car door handle
  • Inside a car engine
  • Inside a toy house
  • In a helmet
  • In a watering can
  • On the rung of a ladder
  • On the handle to a loft
  • On a pair of hedge cutters
  • In a barbeque grill
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This just goes to show you anywhere is acceptable for a wasp to build their nest. If they think it meets all of their criteria, where they will be safe and have a great food source, nothing will stop a wasp from building a nest. Wasps will stop at nothing to survive and keep their nests safe, so having one on your property is very dangerous for you, your family and your pets.

If you ever come across a wasps nest on your property, you need to make sure you invest in a proper wasp nest removal service. Handling wasps nests should never be done by yourself. It is incredibly dangerous to try and remove a wasp nest if you haven’t been trained to do so. You can make the problem a whole lot worse, and will probably end up getting hurt in the process too. A good pest control technician will be trained in all the latest techniques to remove and destroy wasps nests. All you’ll have to do is clean up afterwards!

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