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How Do Pests Enter?

Pests can be a real irritation once they enter your home. At the same time, they don’t leave your home very easily. They cause a large number of diseases and various other issues. This ultimately makes them sound like a serious threat. But fortunately, you have a list of pest control services at your aid. Their job is to offer a solution to your problems relating to pests.

Some of the main reasons as to why these pests invade your house are as follows,

Weather Invites Them

A large population of pest invasion occurs during seasonal changes. This may be because of food or warmth. They enter your houses in an attempt to get food and a safe place. Not only insects but rats and mice also do so. Drastic changes in the climate drive them inside your homes.

Gaps And Trees

Another major reason that causes rodents inside your house is gaps. They sneak into the gaps and start damaging your house. Mostly they remain unnoticed and it is extremely difficult to spot them.

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A lot of trees around your homes are also a major issue. It is a fact that trees are a hiding place to pests. Even if you use insecticides they might escape with the help of trees. So it is necessary that you keep all the shrubs and trees away from your home. A minimum of three feet must be the distance between your house and the greenery.

Unmoved Items

Certain pests as mentioned above come in search of food. Having a lot of boxes or other things unmoved makes it a suitable place for them. As long as you constantly move them there is no issue.

Apart from the reasons above a few ways which pests choose to enter your house through are mentioned,


Most insects choose your door as a means to enter into your house. So it is mandatory that you check whether the doors are closed correctly. Look out for any gaps around the door in your house. Fix them immediately to avoid pests entering your homes.


Make sure that your windows are perfect enough to avoid pests. Especially during seasonal changes and rainy seasons, this might become a headache. Fix it as per needs and if you spot any cracks or gaps. This is mandatory to prevent pests and insects.

Wall passages, dryer vents, and exhaust fans

Check all the dryer vent and exhaust fan gaps to escape from insects. Make it a habit to check all these areas at least once in a month.

Plumbing and all other cable passages are prone to insect attacks. So check them at regular intervals.

Now you might be pretty clear about why pests enter your houses. So don’t hesitate to call pest control services. Because most of them are deadly and are known to spread deadly diseases. Nearly five thousand people are taken to the hospital because of pest-transmitted diseases. So make it a point to check and prevent your house from dangerous pests.

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