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The Three Most Common Cockroaches and How to Detect Them

There are over 4,500 types of cockroach in the world. Thankfully there are only around three kinds of roaches that you will generally discover in your house. If you spot a cockroach in your house, expect it to be a German cockroach, American roach, or Smokybrown roach. It’s very important to know which kind of roach you’re dealing with so you can take on the problem with the right strategy.

What’s the Difference?
They are typically found in warm, dark, wet places. They are nighttime pests, so if you see one throughout the day, this could be a sign of a larger problem. Roaches are often found in basements, attics, underneath garbage piles, and even behind furniture.

The American Cockroach
The most common cockroaches to come across are the American cockroaches, though you might know them as palmetto bugs,. Once inside, they tend to head towards bathrooms, kitchen areas, utility room and basements in search of water or food. American roaches can run really fast and often tend to hide away in dark places. When endangered or disturbed they might even fly.

Smokybrown Roach
The Smokybrown roach is generally found throughout the southeast. Smokybrown roaches are prone to dehydration so they are most frequently found in moist areas where you might have a moisture problem. Keep an eye on your plumping, as this is one of the most common reasons to have moisture problems in the house. These roaches often tend to be in hiding till nighttime when they head out to look for food.

German Roach
Similar to the American roaches, German cockroaches are among the most common to turn up in your house. They are generally found inside in search of warmth and water. They have an extremely fast reproduction price, meaning they can rapidly end up being a major problem if not dealt with quickly.

Where Should I Try to find These Bugs?

These roaches have a tendency to hang around dark, wet, warm places. Check these areas for cockroach task:

  • Garage
  • Sink
  • Cabinets
  • Pipes
  • Attic
  • The kitchen area
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Appliances
  • Home furniture
  • Stacked Cardboard and Paper
  • Wardrobes
  • Baseboards
  • Electronic devices
roach exterminators in my area
roach exterminators near me

Do I Have an Infestation?

A roach infestation is nothing to take lightly. If you see roaches in or around your house every day you most likely have a problem. Search for these 5 clear indications of an infestation:

1. Cockroach task throughout the day
2. Oily smell around your walls
3. Cockroach droppings
4. Dead Cockroaches
5. Cockroach eggs

Should I Tackle It Myself?

Dealing with a bug problem by yourself can be a great deal of work, and many times it’s not a successful fix to the problem. Employing unsafe and toxic chemicals as a way of getting rid of bugs is not advised. We recommend taking personal health and cleanliness to the next level if you intend to lower your chance of experiencing cockroaches. Safe sticky traps and gel traps might be a good temporary solution, or a good method to find an entry point or high activity spot, however will not be a long-term remedy.

If you notice any of these signs, or think you may have a problem for another reason. Put the problem in the hands of an expert. Get in touch with us to fix your cockroach problem and secure your home.

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cockroach exterminators near me
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How to Know if You Have a Roach Problem?

If you think by keeping your house spick and span, you can prevent a cockroach infestation, you are wrong. It is not enough to clean your kitchen of food residue to prevent cockroaches from coming in. Any area in your house that offers shelter and moisture will attract cockroaches. These bugs sneak in through cracks on the wall, dryer vents, little gaps between the wall and the floor, which you would possibly not notice.

Now, if you see a roach all of a sudden, you may assume it is an independent, random sighting that has nothing to do with an infestation. But you might be wrong, and this could be the first sign of a possible cockroach problem. Nip it in the bud. Call a cockroach pest control immediately if you observe the following signs that indicate there’s a family of roaches living under your roof.

You will notice cockroach droppings

Cockroaches eat almost anything and frequently leave droppings. So, if there is an infestation, you are likely to see dark specs that look like black pepper on your kitchen floor or bathroom. The feces of cockroaches depends on their types. So, if you are regularly observing weird brown stains or particles that look like coffee grounds, chances are you are looking at cockroach droppings. You are likely to find these droppings behind cabinets, underneath sinks, in dark corners, near plumbings, or inside your cupboard.

cockroach exterminators near me

Egg Cases Sighting

Egg cases of cockroaches, which are also known as oothecae, look like brown seeds. If you frequently see them lying around here and there, there is a cockroach problem. These cases contain 12 to 14 eggs, which usually hatch in places where it is difficult for humans to reach. Once the eggs hatch, the cases are left behind.

Property Damage

Cockroaches eat almost anything. If you see page corners of your books inside your shelf missing or chew marks on daily items like leather etc., the culprit may be cockroaches.

Dead Skin

Cockroaches shed their skin quite frequently. If there is an infestation, you would often see cockroach skin lying about in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or inside cupboards.


A single cockroach won’t give off any stench. However, if they exist in great numbers, their droppings create an unpleasant, musty odor. If you smell something unusual, look for the above signs to identify a roach problem.

Once roaches have infested a home or business they can be difficult to exterminate because they multiply so quickly. If you have seen roaches in your home or business don’t wait for the problem to get out of control. Call the Bug Pros roach extermination service, we can help.

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How Often Should You Treat for Roaches

Roaches can be a menacing pest if not taken seriously. They are one of the most persistent and omnipresent pests, and an infestation can lead to serious property damage or disease outbreak. Usually, roaches can be a threat only if you don’t act for a long time before you spot the first one.

For new apartments, we would recommend regular pest control treatment on at least a quarterly basis. If the problem persists, bi-monthly visits by the roach exterminator must be followed. The course depends on the intensity of the infection, as severely infested places can take up to 6 months of cockroach pest control. Monthly visits are a must in such situations and can often get rid of the problem effectively.

The size and location of the building or apartment also play a huge role in the exterminating method. If you have a newly constructed house, the chances of infestation there are high. While building the house, cracks and leaks might have happened that can lead to pests. Also, the building material is often left in the open, which attracts pests anytime. High moisture content attracts roaches. And while the place is new, the building material still has a lot of moisture.

How Long Does It Take?

General Pest control, which gets rid of moths, spiders, roaches, and silverfish, should effectively last you a few months. It is advised that you have an exterminator visit you every few months. If you have a larger space, then a quarterly treatment is highly recommended. This is because infestation can spread easily in larger places.

roach exterminator near me

Even when you are done with the spraying, it would still be common to see a few cockroaches here and there. This is because the spray is making the roaches come out of hiding, and soon none would be left.

Many times you can use a gel bait system where you apply a gel to potential hiding spots. This gel is toxic, and when ingested by the cockroaches, it leads to their death. The downside is that you will find loads of roach carcasses all-around your place. Which is not a pretty sight.

Expert Exterminators work by fumigating or spraying the place and waiting for the roaches to come out. Then they proceed to kill and contain all the threat. It is very important to identify the nests or breeding ground and contain that too. The breeding ground will have the highest number of roaches. There, one can find the babies and eggs too. Getting rid of this nest is the most important thing, or the infestation will never end.

In the end, it depends on the size, weather, and location of your place combined with how bad the infestation is.

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Can You Exterminate German Cockroaches?

The German cockroach is very good at establishing an ecological niche in structures and is resilient in the face of many pest-control procedures. To be successful, control strategies need to be thorough, sustained, and methodical; survival of just a few eggs is quite adequate to regenerate a nearly exterminated pest population within a few generations, and recolonization from surrounding populations often is extremely fast, too.

Why is the German cockroach so hard to exterminate?

  • Lack of natural predators in a human habitat
  • Prolific reproduction
  • Very short reproductive cycle
  • The capacity to hide in really tiny refuges
  • Sexual maturity attained within several weeks
  • Adaptation and resistance to some chemical pesticides and baits

Where do they like to hide?

German cockroaches prefer confined areas, and they are small compared to other pest types, so they can hide within little gaps and crevices that are easy to overlook, thereby evading people and their eradication efforts.

Adaptive selection

cockroach pest control near me

A strain of German cockroaches has actually emerged that responds to glucose as distastefully bitter. They refuse to eat sweetened baits, which presents a barrier to their control, given that those baits are an economical and effective means of regulation.


  • German cockroaches can at first infest a structure when infested grocery bags are brought inside. Examine groceries for cockroaches prior to putting away. Keep grocery bags in outside storage places.
  • Cockroaches breed prolifically in corrugated cardboard boxes. Dispose of unneeded boxes right away.
  • Keep doors and windows shut.
  • Keep window and soffit screens in good repair to stop cockroaches from entering your home.
  • Inspect attic vents and make sure that large openings around outside drainage lines and sewer vents are screened or sealed. Use tightly packed steel wool as a temporary filler till openings can be sealed appropriately.
  • Caulk or otherwise seal crevices and gaps around frames of windows and doors and around plumbing and electrical to help stop cockroaches from entering your house.
  • Seal gaps in between door frames and doors with weather stripping.
  • Children can transfer cockroaches from school to home in book bags and lunch containers. Examine these items routinely.
  • Dwellings such as apartment or condos that are separated by a common wall are especially difficult situations. An infestation can migrate between apartments through the plumbing within a common wall. For that reason, cockroaches from one apartment can quickly move to another apartment, infesting a “well-kept” dwelling. To help prevent this, caulk holes in common walls and around pipes.

For more information and help exterminating this nasty little pest contact us.

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