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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

Pests can be a menace to the homeowner and their properties. One pest in a home is enough to give you sleepless nights. For this reason, homeowners must learn the ways to spend less amount of money and get full control of the pests from their property. This can be achieved through optimum frequency.

However, deciding the frequency of controlling pests by yourself is a challenge. Most homeowners decide when the pests problems become unbearable and others plan too frequent, which in turn leads to over application of the pesticides. Some pests require one or two applications to get rid of them completely while other does not. This primarily depends on the surrounding within your vicinity and the conduciveness to a specific property. For instance, a house constructed on rocky soil, only one application is more than enough to eradicate termites for many years. On the other hand, house infested by rodents with a restaurant or big drain within the vicinity needs frequent applications to get a fair degree of control.

Additionally, various pests demand varied treatment intervals as there is a variation in their acceptability and residual effect. For our recommendation, one application for 3-4 months is superb to work as a preventive measure treatment alternative. It as well cuts the possibility of pests cropping up. Before the application, it is recommendable to get the house or property thoroughly inspected by qualified pest control agent who will, in turn, recommend your frequency and urgency of pest control service you need.

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However, each infestation is a bit unique, a quarterly application could be sufficient to keep away common household pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and house crickets. Homeowners are advised to consult pest control experts on the service schedule of the aforementioned type of pests. If the expert recommends or suggests frequent applications, you can seek another alternative to collect more information and objectivity of the frequent applications. Assuredly, bi-monthly applications may not be necessary and be sure you pay for unnecessary services. As such, good pest control companies should suggest applications within two months period.

However, why must you follow quarterly service rule?

It is scientifically established that pesticides work better and work effectively in three months. After the three months, your service provider can apply another treatment to ensure your house or property remains under protection all times of the year. However, after 2-3 times treatments, you may realize your pest nuisance subsiding. Your pest controller as such can decide on approaches that are more preventive to cover you all through.

Besides, quarterly treatment plans offer free retreatments in between. Most pest control companies offer free re-serving in between if circumstances require it. If you spot a rat or bug activity within the two services, do not hesitate to contact your service provider to manage the situation.

For better understanding, this is how you can control the pest problem in your home and business.

We recommend a series of pest control treatments, which should be a rule of thumb with property inspections carried out by experts. The experts have the relevant knowledge to determine the frequency of treatments or applications.

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