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The Leading 3 Typical Hotel Pest Problems

Unfortunately, insects are all over. As much as we would like to think that the hotels we visit are nice and clean, even initially clean locations might be at risk of unseen infestations. The following are the leading 3 most common potential pest challenges found in hotels, exactly how you can spot early signs of a problem as hotel managers and proprietors, and how you can protect yourself from pests as a hotel visitor.

Bed Bugs

Simply the most well known hotel-based pests, bed bugs are common resort horrors because of their proclivity for hitchhiking. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and can be as slim as a sheet of paper, making them experts at hiding, and they like dark spots to hide such as the interior spaces of baggage. This is the reason why hotels and motels have become such centers for passing bed bugs– they crawl in and out of baggage, bumming a ride around to residences throughout the US.

Tourist Tips: When you initially arrive at your hotel room, inspect your room meticulously, even using a flashlight when possible as bed bugs will try to hide in dark spots. Some of the key places to look include the folds of the mattress (underneath the fitted sheet), the crease between the headboard and mattress, and the cracks and edges inside cabinets or closets. During your stay, avoid leaving any clothing or bags right on the floor and try to as an alternative use tables or luggage racks that will make your bags harder to get to. You may be placing yourself at risk by unpacking your clothes into any cabinets, so steering clear of this when possible can help you stay bed bug free.

Warning Signs for Employees: One of the most important indication of bed bugs is, of course, from customer complaints about either seeing bugs or being bitten. Vigilance can avoid a problem from ever getting to this point. Turndown maids should be routinely checking sheets for any kind of little brownish specks or blood spots– all of which are a sign of bed bugs bites during the night. In addition, regular monitoring around the bed and in other main hiding spaces is important to avoid any type of future problems early.


Spiders are among the creepiest and most disturbing insects we ever come across. Arachnophobia is also ranked as one of the leading 10 phobias in the world, and, even if you personally aren’t scared of them, you can not refute that their numerous eyes, eight legs, pinchers, and spooky way of moving is quite disturbing. The last thing you want are creepy spider wrecking your trip or terrorizing your visitors.

Traveler Tips: The most effective way to keep spider free during resort stays is actually by taking a look at the hotel itself before booking. Places that have had problems with insects in the past or that have noticeable spider webs outside of the property are at the greatest threat of having these unwanted guests paying you a visit in your resort room.

Indicators for Workers: Finding any kind of indications of webbing, or even a rise in other insects, are both clear indications of spider infestations. Spiders follow their food, meaning that any rise in insects places you in jeopardy of these eight-legged creeps. You can try to keep them at bay by vacuuming regularly, eliminating sources of standing water, promptly removing any webbing, ensuring that all of your screens and windows are secure, and, most effectively, through professional pest intervention.

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Not only are rats destructive, they can be extremely dangerous because of the myriad of malignant diseases they can spread. Early detection and extermination are important to the safety and security of both staff and guests in hotels.

Tourist Tips: Similar to spiders, rodents in resorts are best avoided by staying clear of resorts with potential rodent problems. This can typically be determined by scoping out locations to stay and doing simple research by checking testimonials and any kind of warning websites. Upon arrival to your room, you can additionally perform a very basic assessment to help guarantee your room is devoid of these squeaky, unpleasant pests. Look for indications of droppings and/or urine, gnaw marks, a pungent stuffy smell, scratching noises, and even holes or cracks in the walls, flooring, and so on

Warning Signs for Employees: It is incredibly vital for employees to be adequately educated on the early signs of rodent problems. Such signs can include: scratching noises, musky odors, droppings, urine, smudge marks and stains, squealing noises, nibble marks on numerous components, stolen food or food packages chewed open or damaged. If any type of indicators such as these occur, it is time to take urgent action! Expert treatment is vital and securing the current situation is a matter of urgency. Grocery stores and the resort restaurant in its entirety need to be deep cleaned and secured, all entry points must be located and sealed off, and any other professional suggestions based on your inspections should be implemented immediately.

Commercial Pest Protection

We take pride in protecting hotels from year-round intruders, and we recognize the importance of keeping these travel locations safe and secure. If a consumer sees pests like rats, spiders or bed bugs on your premises it can be really off-putting. This might result in word being spread concerning the lacking standard of your premises, and the last thing you really want is an evaluation or a damning report from the health inspectors for your business. Our professional exterminators are equipped with the correct tools and skills enabling them to provide superb service to secure resorts from both existing and future pest problems. Call us today if you want our Commercial Pest Control Services for your hotel.

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