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Strategies For Effective Commercial Pest Prevention

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and can be a source of irritation for most people. Flies, bees, ants, rodents, and other pesky creeping things like to make their homes in and around buildings and dwellings. Many pests are harmless, but others can be poisonous or carry diseases. If you don’t enjoy being plagued by pests, there are some pest prevention steps you can take to keep them from taking over where you live, work, or play.

Don’t Provide Shelter for Pests

If you have ever noticed how pests operate, most don’t hang around in the open for long. Even flies will find a quiet resting spot on a window sill behind blinds. Mice and roaches are pests that tend to stay hidden until it’s quiet at night, and then they begin their creeping around and foraging. When your home, business, or outdoor areas are cluttered and there are lots of places where pests can hide, you have provided a haven for pests to live and breed.

Stacks of papers, boxes, cabinets stuffed full of items, and packed closets are all places where pests can live unnoticed and undisturbed. Cleaning and organizing these areas will get rid of hiding places and make it easy for you to spot pests in your home or business. Thick, overgrown vegetation around the foundation of a dwelling, along with and cracks and crevices, provide places for pests to hang out when the weather is pleasant. However, pests will come inside when it is cold or wet. Trim trees and shrubs and seal openings where pests can invade crawl spaces to keep pests from getting inside of a structure.

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Don’t Provide Food for Pests

Pests need food and water for survival. Spills and crumbs can provide a feast for certain pests. Food left partially uncovered or open can also attract pests. Store dry food like snacks in ziptop bags or in plastic containers that can be sealed. Wipe up spills and clean up crumbs. Avoid leaving dirty dishes or food residue in kitchen sinks.

Call a Pest Control Professional

There are some pesticides that you can purchase that can eliminate pests or discourage them from entering a home or business. However, if your pest problem is major, do-it-yourself pest prevention products may not offer much relief.

When you have done all you can to prevent pests around your home or business but find that you have an infestation, it is time to seek professional help. A licensed pest control exterminator knows exactly which chemicals to use to get rid of pests. Some pests are tough to kill while others hide in places where the typical store-bought treatments won’t penetrate.

Pest Control Professionals Use Targeted Treatments

A licensed preventative pest control exterminator will evaluate your pest issue and select a treatment that will eliminate specific pests. For example, there are some products that pests might take back to their nests which results in killing them where they breed. A pest control technician can set up special traps on the outside for mice, meaning that you don’t have to worry about baiting traps and touching nasty mice once they are caught.

A pest control specialist will also look for places where pest might enter and seal those areas, or provide recommendations for steps you can take to keep pests from entering your business.

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