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How Often Should You Treat for Roaches

Roaches can be a menacing pest if not taken seriously. They are one of the most persistent and omnipresent pests, and an infestation can lead to serious property damage or disease outbreak. Usually, roaches can be a threat only if you don’t act for a long time before you spot the first one.

For new apartments, we would recommend regular pest control treatment on at least a quarterly basis. If the problem persists, bi-monthly visits by the roach exterminator must be followed. The course depends on the intensity of the infection, as severely infested places can take up to 6 months of cockroach pest control. Monthly visits are a must in such situations and can often get rid of the problem effectively.

The size and location of the building or apartment also play a huge role in the exterminating method. If you have a newly constructed house, the chances of infestation there are high. While building the house, cracks and leaks might have happened that can lead to pests. Also, the building material is often left in the open, which attracts pests anytime. High moisture content attracts roaches. And while the place is new, the building material still has a lot of moisture.

How Long Does It Take?

General Pest control, which gets rid of moths, spiders, roaches, and silverfish, should effectively last you a few months. It is advised that you have an exterminator visit you every few months. If you have a larger space, then a quarterly treatment is highly recommended. This is because infestation can spread easily in larger places.

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Even when you are done with the spraying, it would still be common to see a few cockroaches here and there. This is because the spray is making the roaches come out of hiding, and soon none would be left.

Many times you can use a gel bait system where you apply a gel to potential hiding spots. This gel is toxic, and when ingested by the cockroaches, it leads to their death. The downside is that you will find loads of roach carcasses all-around your place. Which is not a pretty sight.

Expert Exterminators work by fumigating or spraying the place and waiting for the roaches to come out. Then they proceed to kill and contain all the threat. It is very important to identify the nests or breeding ground and contain that too. The breeding ground will have the highest number of roaches. There, one can find the babies and eggs too. Getting rid of this nest is the most important thing, or the infestation will never end.

In the end, it depends on the size, weather, and location of your place combined with how bad the infestation is.

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