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The Key to Bed Bug Removal

Looking to get rid of those horrible little creatures that come and get you in the night? Yeah – they really do exist – but you can find a pretty easy and effective way to get rid of them if you follow a few simple directions.

The first key to successful bed bug removal is understanding what they are and what bed bugs look like. Bed bugs are tiny little black creatures that are about the size of an apple seed. That’s how it will appear to you. They crawl all over the place and generally find you while you’re sleeping. Yes, all those stories that mommy told you about bed bugs biting was true!

The second thing is to understand why they come after you. To put it shortly, they want your blood, and they are willing to crawl long distances to get it. They won’t just take a little bit, they will take 3 times their body weight. And unfortunately, it normally won’t just be one bug. It’ll be a lot of them. So this can turn into a drastic probably extremely quickly if you aren’t careful!

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How do they find you? You have to know how to prevent them from coming if you are serious about your bed bug removal. They find you primarily by the smell of carbon dioxide. Whenever you breath you emit carbon dioxide, and it acts as a beacon for bed bugs. So once they smell it they come right at you. They’ll come from all directions, whatever it takes, to get to you.

The key to removing them is simple. You have to control your area and keep it clean. Wash all of your clothes and sheets in very hot water, and keep things locked up in air tight containers. Then you should hire a bed bug exterminator to use a heat treatment, or get some bed bug spray or other bed bug killer product.

Spray the area once all of your things are stored safely away. Keep in mind, though, that the eggs could still be around – so you generally want to spray a few times per week for 2 weeks or so. That will make sure that you get all of them!

Once you do this the bed bug removal is pretty much a done deal, however, you have to understand just how crazy they can get. They can come from anywhere, including pipes, walls, even electrical outlets. They mean business.

Consider getting a bed bug mattress cover to help prevent bed bugs or keep them from returning.

If they simply won’t go away even after spraying then you should get something that’s more effective. Ultimately you want to get an expert to come into your house and do it for you. It’ll ensure that it’s done properly, and this really isn’t a problem that you want to fool around with. You can wake up some days with tons of bite marks on you.

Danger: Why Bed Bug Removal Is So Important

Imagine if hundreds of them come to you in the night and suck away three times their body weight? Do you know how much blood you will lose? You can literally lose your health to it and fall ill by the lack of blood. This is a very serious problem and should take some serious consideration. The bed bugs play dirty, so you should too!

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