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Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs have been a nuisance for what seems like forever. Over the last fifty years or so, we haven’t heard many whispers of them being an issue. But that’s because they have been quietly recruiting numbers to make an epic comeback. Through social media and news reports, we have heard of bed bug infestations more and more often; with quite a few members in their colonies. With the mass population in our beautiful State, these little pests are ninjas when it comes to spreading. With our close proximity to daily travelers, it’s easy for bed bugs to hitch a ride in luggage or other various means from person to person, expanding their kingdoms.

Bed Bug Populations
Bed bugs are being discovered in hotels, motels, schools, hospitals, apartments and houses. They are truly everywhere. Being that humans are their favorite meal, where we are, they are. With that in mind, it is nearly impossible to completely dodge their presence, but there are a number of ways you can avoid them, and keep them from setting up a permanent residence in your home.

Bed Bugs in Used Furniture & Clothing

We all know that abandoned sofa, or discarded box spring might be hard to resist, but it is important that you do. Bed bugs are experts at hiding, and their presence isn’t always obvious. So, even though that lazy boy might be perfect with a little spit polish, leave it for the garbage men, and keep the blood suckers out of your home. For second hand clothing that is just too perfect to skip, make sure your wash it in the hottest temperature setting, and at least dry it for 30 minutes in a dryer. Intense heat kills bed bugs, and terminates their eggs.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations
Especially after commuting the through cabs, trains, airports or other such high traffic places, keep your eyes peeled for uninvited guests. If you notice itchy, red blotches, generally aligned on your arms and other exposed areas of skin, inspect your bedding for unusual blood spots, carcasses or eggs. The sooner you get professional help, the easier the process of evicting them will be. Keep the clutter and piles of laundry away. Bed bugs find darkened, undisturbed places to dwell during the daylight hours. Vacuum regularly.

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Bed Bug Identification & Inspection
There are some do it yourself treatments, or even advice from the neighbor. Try to avoid these methods. Bed bugs are commonly known for their resiliency. It is best to hire the professionals to eradicate them. We have the tools and training to find these little bed bugs and terminate them. If you do notice an epidemic, you can invest in sealable plastic bags to trap them for professional inspection. Protect your mattress and box spring in a bed bug proof encasement to protect your safe haven.

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